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Amazonia Natural Care

Thinking about your well-being and that of nature, Amazônia Natural Care Cosmetics combines technology and sustainability to create beauty products. Our raw materials are of Amazonian origin, collected by sustainable extractive communities, generating income and employment for those who live sustainably in the forest.

We advocate and believe that sustainable extractivism is the activity that best contributes to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest. The extractive process in the Amazon is predominantly manual, preserving and keeping the forest standing.

Amazônia Natural Care Cosmetics

We are the first industry in the Americas to enter the market producing Sheet Masks, seeking to sustainably and innovatively integrate the highest South Korean technology with the biodiversity of Amazonian raw materials, transforming them into high-quality cosmetic products to offer consumers the best in the market.

In addition to the line of facial masks, Amazônia New Face recently launched a complete line of hair treatments and care, including Shampoos & Conditioners specially formulated for each hair type, and a skincare line with incredible products for complete daily care.

Access the catalog here and learn more about Amazônia Natural Care and its products!

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